Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Well, we don't really wanta drill, but if you give us all your money...

Got this one from Grannyinsanity. Scroll down to "Steal this post". Just following orders, ma'am!
Operating once again under the radar, the Republicans in Congress are doing their best to sneak funding for drilling in ANWR into the federal budget. Want to stop them? Find out how!

Go read. Respond.

Here's sumthin' to ponder: Since the enthusiasm of the oil companies for drilling in ANWR seems to have cooled, is this a sneaky attempt by those sleazy politicians (you know which ones) to bribe them, with our money, to do it anyway, OR, is it a clever attempt by the oil companies to get public funding for what should be privately capitalized, not that it should happen in the first place, OR BOTH?

The choices seem to be A: bribery, B: a stickup, or C: all of the above.

Until we hear more about this, it's your call. Or anybody's guess.

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