Friday, June 10, 2005

And Now, From Zomboo's House of Horror Movies...*

Grannyinsanity tagged my feathered young fanny with this one, bless her heart:

Total Number of Films Owned: 150+ including some complete with commercials.

Last Film Bought: Victory At Sea. Not actually a film, rather all 26 episodes of the '50s TV series about WWII at sea. Stirring narration, moving music. Watched it on TV as a kid, bought the DVD to replace/complement my VHS copy.

If you're picky, picky, picky, the last movie I bought was Shrek 2. before that, Windtalkers.

Last Film Watched: The Empire Strikes Back

Five Favorite Films That I Watch Frequently or That Mean A Lot To Me: Grapes Of Wrath, On Any Sunday, Sands Of Iwo Jima, Uncommon Valor - another '50s TV series about the Marines in the Pacific in WWII, Glory Days: A History Of Early American Motorcycling.

Granny threw this one in:
I'll add a category before I pass this on to Pansypoo, Gordon, and Patia.
Thanks for the comma, Granny.

Movie you would most like to see again if you could find it: 2001: A Space Odyssey (Note from Big Daddy G: Click the link. Totally Bitchin'!) I've seen this movie many times (including a couple times in the '60s that I can't exactly recall), but one that stands out was seeing it in Edinburgh, Scotland in 1970. The references to "Howard Johnson's" went right over their heads but the reference to "BBC 12", which went right over our heads, cracked 'em up.

Like most of these memes, if you want completely different answers, ask me again tomorrow.

*It wouldn't be Saturday night on Reno TV without some of the worst low budget examples of the genre and some of the scaaariest movies ever made.

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