Thursday, June 9, 2005

Way uncool

Reprinted in its entirety:

a skippy contributor - yours truly - has been fired from a major "liberal" blog - and his work of the past several months destroyed. nobody will tell me why. it's either for the crime of a) criticizing john edwards, with whom the editor recently socialized, b) being too easy on howard dean, which is odd, because i've been getting heat from dean supporters for the same post, or c) criticizing an influential liberal blogger for seeming to favor edwards. (or, of course, some combination of the above)

i wrote more about it here .... skippy, jill, and the rest of the gang - we're still friends, right?:

it seems so stalinist, so kafka-esque. I feel like one of those soviet officials who gets deleted from the photographs of dignitaries on the reviewing stand after falling from political favor. are we on the left now censoring each other? is the 'blogosphere' now becoming another battleground between the 'ins' and the 'outs'?

RJ Eskow is one of my favorite bloggers. Fortunately, I never did visit BOP much and never linked to them. If I did, they'd be off the 'roll instantly. We're about what's good for the Party, and criticism of our reperesentatives, when they drop the ball, is part of our strength.

Just to make clear, I don't censor my partners here, whether they agree with me on an issue or not. Debate and opposing opinion should be welcomed in light of making our Party more inclusive. Criticizing John Edwards, or any other Dem, is part of the process when they make a bonehead move. If we didn't, we'd be nothing more than Republicans.

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