Saturday, June 11, 2005

NOW Follow-up

Yesterday I posted about the subject matter of last night's NOW on PBS:
I don't know who Hedges is, but I will. Moore (Damn, I wish he had a different name!) is a christo-fascist wingnut whackjob. This oughta be good.
Well, now I know more about Mr. Hedges. He is the son of a Presbyterian minister and his mom graduated from a seminary. He was raised in Christianity and was a damn good counter to Roy Moore on the show. He's been a war correspondent and now he writes for books and magazines, and posts on Click 'n read. There's a lot of quotes I could have chosen, but I chose this one:
This myth, the lie, about war, about ourselves, is imploding our democracy. We shun introspection and self-criticism. We ignore truth, to embrace the strange, disquieting certitude and hubris offered by the radical Christian Right. These radical Christians draw almost exclusively from the book of Revelations, the only time in the Gospels where Jesus sanctions violence, peddling a vision of Christ as the head of a great and murderous army of heavenly avengers. They rarely speak about Christ's message of love, forgiveness and compassion. They relish the cataclysmic destruction that will befall unbelievers, including those such as myself, who they dismiss as "nominal Christians." They divide the world between good and evil, between those anointed to act as agents of God and those who act as agents of Satan. The cult of masculinity and esthetic of violence pervades their ideology. Feminism and homosexuality are forces, believers are told, that have rendered the American male physically and spiritually impotent. Jesus, for the Christian Right, is a man of action, casting out demons, battling the Anti-Christ, attacking hypocrites and castigating the corrupt. The language is one not only of exclusion, hatred and fear, but a call for apocalyptic violence, in short the language of war.
He has a lot to say and this article is recommended reading. By me. What else do ya need ta know?

Moore? He's even more of a christo-fascist wingnut whackjob than I thought. I wish he'd change his name.

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