Wednesday, June 8, 2005

What I don't get

Is why the people of Ohio (not all) are so pro-Republican. Ohio is one of the states that has been screwed regularly by Bush policy, yet it's a bastion of wingnut ideaology.

COLUMBUS - The Ohio Bureau of Workers' Compensation admitted today that it lost $215 million in a high-risk fund that few people knew about.

The bureau had invested $355 million with a Pittsburgh investment firm, MDL Capital Management, beginning in 1998.

But last year, after diverting $225 million into a fund that works like a hedge fund, the fund lost $215 million. Although the bureau has known about the loss since last year, Gov. Bob Taft was notified about it today.

[. . .]

How much dry-fucking can one group of people take before they come to their senses?

Link via Atrios

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