Thursday, June 9, 2005

Pep rally

The Rude One:

The Rude Pundit's said it before and he'll say it again: Howard Dean will fuck your shit up. Stand that motherfucker up at the gates of hell. Let that son of a bitch loose in the dainty Democratic china shop and let's break some fuckin' dishes. Howard Dean knows the score, man; he knows that the faithful, those who actually believe that the fight is not the path to surrender, want a spokesperson who's willing to pick up the unpinned grenade that just landed near him and shove it up the ass of the enemy who tossed it. Goddamn, it would have been magnificent to have seen him debate the President. On stage, Bush would have been begging for the privilege to lick the sweat off Dean's balls. [my emphases]

[. . .]

That's right. Pack their collective ass with gunpowder and a fuse and light the sumbitch. We need Howard Dean, and tell your Dem representatives to listen to the fucking party chairman and not undercut him. Are you listening Senators Edwards and Biden, Governor Richardson? Get with the program or shut the fuck up.

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