Wednesday, June 8, 2005

Repub generosity

From AMERICAblog:

. . . Bush and Blair trumpeted a new U.S. plan to spend $674 million more on famine relief. . .

The only problem? It's completely wrong. Bush did NOT increase funding by $674 million. All he did was release money that had already been allocated by Congress. This is bad on many levels. Most casual viewers will believe what the media reported, that the US dug deep and offered up an extra $674 million to help the hungry. The truth is that the US is the most miserly of the major industrialized powers -- we give FAR less in foreign aid than every other country in the G8. [my emphasis]

[. . .]

We can spend hundreds of billions in Iraq. We can provoke a war for no damn good reason. Yet we can't do any more to help these poor people. And while we're on the subject of fucking the Africans, there's more wingnut ideaology at AMERICAblog:

What Tony "$82,000 to David Duke" [link added - F-man] Perkins of the Family Research Council conveniently doesn't tell folks is that some of the money these African churches are refusing to accept are money for people with AIDS and more.

People are literally STARVING over there according to the Washington Times of all sources, and the religious right is LAUDING them for turning down help from churches who have elected a gay man as bishop. I'm sure the parents and children who die as a result of this will be proud of Tony Perkins and the FRC for worrying more about the anti-gay agenda than a person starving to death. And note what the churches over there say about how America's religious right has let them down.

Who would Jesus starve, Tony?

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Oh, but we're 'pro-life'.

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