Sunday, June 5, 2005


There are many chapels on Camp Anaconda, Iraq, for religious services. When one wants to participate or hear religious jaw-jacking, that is where one goes.

There are also many dining facilities. When one is hungry and wants to get something to eat, this is where one goes. When religious services, Bible quoting and gospel singing are held during meal times in the DFACs [Chow Halls], this amounts to disrespect for those of other religions and those of no religion.

[. . .]

Is it really too much to ask that the preaching and pushing of Christianity be held within the chapels, where those who wish it can seek it there and those who do not wish to hear it will not be held captive and forcibly subjected to Christian ritualism?

[. . .]

Frederick Geraci
Camp Anaconda, Iraq

From Stars and Stripes via the General.

You know, the Nazis and Soviets put Political Officers within military units to 'assure compliance'. This is Team Jesus' version.

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