Tuesday, June 7, 2005

Thin-skinned Jews

Okay, here's where I get in real trouble but it has to be said. Time for American Jews to grow thicker skins. I'm tired of you taking offense every time a goyim makes a Jewish joke. I'm married into a Jewish family. Thanks to the Internet, I get to see all the email jokes they send one another, some I'd never repeat. I'd feel that uncomfortable. If you don't want the stereotype, don't promote it amongst yourselves. It's like the blacks calling themselves niggas and then get pissed when the crackas call 'em the same thing.

I'm tired of you screaming anti-Semitism every time someone equates Jewishness with being a lawyer. Sorry but . . . If you want people to stop making so-called racist references, don't keep calling blacks schwarzers or Norwegians (You know who you are). Stop looking down your nose at everyone who isn't Jewish. And stop blaming me for what happened in Germany 60 years ago. I wasn't born at the time and my relatives, most Germans, weren't Nazis. Don't give me shit about it, I didn't do it.

Another thing, stop defending Israel blindly. Israel lost its soul a long time ago and their government closer to the Nazis you detest than you choose to admit. The 'Occupied Territories' are nothing more than big Concentration Camps, regardless of what you delude yourselves into believing.

And it's time to stop looking at your religion as your nationality (This goes for every other fucking religious group too). You're an American first. We're all Americans and we have bigger problems than worrying about who called whom what. And no, Bush is not good for Israel.

Note: I'm wearing Kevlar today so take your best shot.

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