Sunday, June 5, 2005

Wingnut Anthropology

Via Relentlessly Optimistic from the ferrett, A Creationist's View of DINOSAURS and the Theory Of Evolution. [I been searching for more on this classic but have yet to find a link. The ferrett couldn't either, so we rely on Br'er Ferrett's critique.]

[. . .]

It had a big dinosaur skull on the cover, and was drawn and written quite competently. The graphic novel featured the author - a balding, white-haired, mustachioed guy in a turtleneck, if the pictures were to be believed - showing all the evidence of dinosaurs, with scanned-in photos next to huge blurbs like "CARBON DATING IS A HIGHLY FLAWED AND IMPERFECT SCIENCE!"

The thing is, he wasn't anti-dinosaur. He spent a lot of time confirming the existence of dinosaurs, then moved to quotes like "Behold the behemoth which I made with thee . . . (Job 40:15) and "He moveth his tail like a cedar . . ." (Job 40:17). This, in turn, was proof that dinosaurs existed - and furthermore, they breathed smoke and fire, just like God said they did.

Weird. But not over-the-top. He seemed normal until I got to this panel:

[. . .]

Now this is the 'classic' part. It's the classic way the wingnuts bend truth to fit their conclusions. You should be used to this by now. It's been a decade since the 'Contract for America'.

[. . .]

Yes, that's correct; he has the theory that dinosaurs, enraged by fallen angels, attacked Noah's Ark as the flood began in a no-holds battle to the finish.

And yet that was not enough. He illustrated it for a possible movie, claiming it would be far more exciting than Jurassic Park.

[. . .]

Yeah, it could happen.

[. . .]

The fossil remains of numerous dinosaurs have been found with their heads and necks arched upwards, as if in their death throes they were straining to keep their heads above water.

[. . .]

Of course! And to think I actually believed all that crap in science class.

Be afraid, be very afraid. The people who are running this country actually believe this.

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