Saturday, July 22, 2006


I've been meaning to write about the Chimp's stem cell bill veto and his exploitation of the 'snowflake babies' (Why does the movie The Stepford Wives [the 1975 Katharine Ross version] begin playing in my head when I see that?) but 42 said it better than I could in the appropriately snarky manner. Stolen completely:

I can't find a pic right this second, but Preznit's post-veto photo-op yesterday with a pile of gurgling white babies (I'm pretty sure they were all white) conceived in vitro was about the most idiotic thing we've yet to see from this know-nothing celebrant of ignorance. Maybe someone forgot to tell him that for every one of those pwecious widdle white wug-wats a bunch of embryos were grown, harvested, then discarded after one of them won the Womb Prize.

Embryos that are destroyed to produce gurgling white drool monsters for infertile assholes who refuse to adopt is celebrating life. Taking those otherwise-discarded embryos and using them to research treatments for our most dreaded diseases and injuries is a culture of death.

Someone please help me distinguish between the two, because I sure as shit can't on my own as I am not very smart, but I can lift heavy things.

Oh hey, here's a pic. Yeah, they're all white.


This is the topic of most of the Saturday Cartoons today.


Eleanor Clift* quoting Arlen Sphincter**:


There are 400,000 embryos languishing in storage tanks at fertility clinics; only a very small number are candidates for adoption. "Even with federal funding available to encourage adoption, the number [of pregnancies from these embryos] is 128, which makes it conclusive that these 400,000 embryos will either be used for scientific research or thrown away,"


Yup, they're really kicking the doors in to get them zygotes.

*Link via memeorandum.
**Thanks to Lambert.

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