Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Vote-flipping in Georgia

Atlanta Progressive News

"You've got electronic voting machines. Many people called in and shared their concern. They pushed the button for Cynthia McKinney and Hank Johnson came up. It wasn't one time, it wasn't two times, it was many, many times," Karen Fitzpatrick, who has been monitoring elections for US Rep. McKinney's re-election campaign, told Atlanta Progressive News in an exclusive interview.

Let me repeat: The McKinney Campaign says they have documented complaints of voters here in Georgia whose votes FLIPPED BEFORE THEIR VERY EYES on Diebold machines.

I think this is good news. It doesn't matter that this occurred in a Democratic primary, or who's doing what to whom, or for what reason - what matters is that people, voters, saw with their own eyes right in front of them that these machines are susceptible to tampering. Thank our lucky stars that the nitwit who did the tampering wasn't smart enough to hide it from folks standing right there.

I suppose it's possible that the machines are just poorly designed and manufactured to the point of being incredibly inaccurate, but I don't believe that for one second.

We've known about Diebold all along, but this brings it into the light of day. Every last one of their damn machines should be de-certified and sledge-hammered to dust. In the wrong hands, and there are plenty of them, these machines are a danger to Democracy.

Speaking of "the wrong hands", let's also work on criminally partisan poll workers and voter (read 'minority Democrat') disenfranchisement as well.

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