Saturday, July 22, 2006

Warning:This post contains video which is not suitable for children or sane people.You have been warned.

Before I give you a painful illustration link,I'd like to address something.I am no scholar,and heaven knows that there's half a trillion books I've never read,papers I've never written or colleges I didn't attend.But what is the DEAL with people who dig Ayn Rand?

Every person I've met who embraces a Randian view of the world is either completely insane,or has suffered some sort of traumatic event fairly early on in life that has made them angry, just plain cold,cruel and not just a little vicious.And then there are the spectacular creatures who are little of both.

Enter The Pammy. (don't worry,it's not a direct link to her,I wouldn't give her the blog hits.And besides Fixer would take away my Brain keys and chase me outta here.And rightfully so. See also this link from TBogg.Put down the beverages and food and get sharp objects out of your reach before clicking over.Wolcott's even taken Pam on a few times,it's rather like watching a bad accident for James I think.He doesn't wanna pay attention,but he just-can't-not-do-it sometimes,poor guy)

If you don't know Pam,she's the poor man's Michelle Malkin/Ann Coulter hybrid She-Beast on the internets. The Little Green Fascists love her,which pretty much speaks for itself.The company you keep and that sort of thing.Just to give you an idea if you aren't familiar.

Aside from the thought that Pammy and Carmella Soprano might share an interior decorator(yes,I notice stuff like that because if I had a"real"job outside motherhood,I'd be an interior designer,it's my niche), what in the hell does this woman have to be so violently snottily angry about?Something went terribly,horribly wrong somewhere.To be that high maintainence takes some dough,which means she's not living a deprived life,far as I can tell.She's also got kids,so surely there's some love and joy in that,right? She seems to have many male wingnutty admirers,so it can't be a lack there(assuming there's no current Mr.Pammy,I never hear mention of one).Her blog gets linkage from the bigger right wing players,so she's got her audience,so what gives? It also appears she doesn't have an actual outside the home job,so I assume she's fairly well off,financially.So there's not really a job stress thing happening here to blame it on. So again,what the hell is her problem? The answer has to be a personal life that's shredded,I can't think of anything else.

I think what we're seeing is a nervous breakdown in progress documented via webcam. Healthy,happy,normal,well adjusted people aren't this nasty.

But here's the thing that wierds me out...She's got an audience of people who agree with her. And dare I say,some of them actually find her attractive.

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