Tuesday, July 18, 2006

What is WRONG with these people?

Honest to Christ,is there some sort of toxin or something in the air where these morons work and live?It's time for some massive toxicology screenings,because something is seriously,basically,organically WRONG here.

Behold The Wingnuttery

You know,I know they hate everything and everyone except money and violence and greedy,nasty white people,but the rest of us aren't ready to go to hell in a handbasket quite yet.I've got grandbabies I'd like to see grow up in a relatively sane and safe world.I'm not asking for perfection,just some basic understanding of Cause and Effect,maybe with an eye towards,oh,how 'bout a better future? I know,it makes sense,which means it's evil and traitorous,I keep forgetting.

Why do these fucks even bother getting out of bed in the morning if they hate the world and everything in it so much? Let's see now,they hate:

Brown people in general

Anyone who isn't a James Dobson"christian"

Liberals(which is anyone to the left of them)

Poor people(even white ones really)

Middle class working people

Women(especially their naughty parts)

Little kids,especially poor and middle class little kids

Who am I leaving out?

That's an awful lot of hatin' to be doing every day.And it might be just me,but the list seems to keep expanding to include every single soul outside their very narrow parameters.Hell,they don't even like clean air and water for fuck's sake.Something is WRONG with them,not us,THEM.

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