Sunday, July 16, 2006

"The Sins of Ralph Reed"

Here's an article in GQ via a post at HuffPo.

"The problem now," says Matt Towery, the pollster, "is that he's got to prove to everyone that he wasn't quite bright enough to know [the Abramoff stuff] was wrong but that he's bright enough to govern their state as lieutenant governor."

The reason he doesn't talk to reporters is that he can't afford to. If he does, they'll just start asking him all those uncomfortable questions that have nothing to do with being lieutenant governor. Mostly, they'll ask about his relationship - his multimillion-dollar relationship - with convicted lobbyist Jack Abramoff. And that's if they're only skimming the surface. Give them some time and they'll ask about his work for eLottery or Enron or Microsoft; or his shilling for China; or his close call with the statute of limitations in Texas; or the way John McCain got slimed in the 2000 South Carolina primary; or something called the Black Churches Insurance Program. Maybe they'd even ask how he squares up his professed salvation through his Lord and Savior Jesus Christ with...well, with everything else.

Those would be awkward conversations.

Quite a long article, maybe a little snarky:

And that's what Reed was paid to do: froth up the wackos on behalf of the morons and the monkeys.

A 'quote of the day', perhaps? Enjoy.

This post is dedicated to An Angry Old Broad, the Brain's fearless correspondent in the Georgia combat zone.

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