Monday, July 17, 2006

Where's Bush?

He's eatin' roast pig, scarin' babies, and cussin' on TV in St. Pete. Pretty much like when he's in Crawford.

Geov Parrish wonders where he is on another, possibly important matter:

Only one man stands between Israel and World War III -- unfortunately it's the president

Go read the article.

Hezbollah took the credit for killing 241 Marines of my old regiment, including attached soldiers and sailors, by means of a truck bomb at BIA in 1983. Reagan's response to that is one of the reasons that makes bad guys the world over think they can get away with anything to this day.

Maybe, probably, Bush should intervene and rein in Israel. My personal opinion is "fat chance".

I hope he waits until the IDF sends all those Hezbollah bastards, their families and accomplices, to Hell in little pieces.

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