Monday, July 17, 2006

Smart kid...

Daily Mail(UK). Go see the photo.

It was supposed to be a light-hearted photo opportunity showing the gentle side of the world's most powerful man.

Unfortunately, nobody told the baby.

Despite being closely vetted by both the U.S. secret service and German intelligence agents, the startled infant voiced a noisy protest as it was handed to George Bush.

Unable to placate the wailing child - despite all his skills of diplomacy - President Bush was forced to hand it back to its waiting mother.

And the baby, whose parents are German, was not the only one unhappy with Mr Bush's presence in the village of Trinwillershagen, in the former East Germany.

Around 5,000 protesters did their best to interrupt the outdoor meeting and meal between the president and Germany's chancellor Angela Merkel. Eventually shielded from the noise by 40 tons of barbed wire and 12,000 policemen, the pair sat down to dine on a roasted wild boar slaughtered earlier that day, uninterrupted by protesters. (my em) Or babies.

40 tons of barbed wire and 12,000 policemen. To have a fuckin' picnic. What a waste of resources. Note to the Chimp: eat at home. It's cheaper for everybody.

Smart as the kid was in bawlin' at the very touch of that slimeball, he missed a golden opportunity to take a great sauerkraut-laden dump on the world's most reviled man and the symbol to the rest of the world of what the United States has become.

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