Sunday, July 16, 2006

It's alot like poking yourself in the eye with a sharp stick...

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because it feels so fabulous when you stop.I'm warning you now,if you choose to go where angels fear to tread,have a strong drink or a bong hit ready,you're gonna need it.

Now and then,just to get a feel for the swampy,bug infested landscape of Outer Wingnuttia,I visit Michelle Malkin's website.We at the Brain don't do linkies to Outer Wingnuttia,for obvious reasons,so you will have to don your hipwaders and hose yourself down with DEET to go see what I'm talking about.And then go take a shower,otherwise you'll smell like raw sewage and bug spray for the rest of the day.I go there because Michelle is usually among the first to manufacture the outrage of the week,and she's got a syndicated newspaper column in addition to being a Fox "news"regular.Alot of wingnuts take their cues from her(even referring to her as Mama Michelle),so she's useful as a barometer for the entire state of Wingnuttia(inner and outer).

On July 4th,Code Pink,along with Cindy Sheehan and a few Hollywood notables(and regular folks too), began a vigil that included a hunger strike until the troops come home.Personally I think that's a dumb idea,because no way in hell can a person go forever without food.This War on Terra has no end in sight,and let's face it,if you commit to something like a hunger strike,you'd better hope no wingnut sees you eating so much as a saltine and Gatorade or you will pay.I get the symbolic gesture involved here,but we all know wingnuts and what they do by now.When I first heard about this,my immediate response was "crap,just give the wingnuts some more ammo why don'tcha?"A far more effective action might have been raising a few bucks for Operation Helmet or something like that,but I digress. Empty gestures to "Support Our Troops"has already been done to death,literally,do we honestly have to go there anymore? Or perhaps the cost of skipping a meal or two could have gone into sending food to soldiers and Marines who aren't being fed properly in combat.I'm just sayin'...

Michelle's blog entry on this topic includes a You Tube short film from her "Hot Air"(insert your own more than obvious joke here)website,a video that begins with Michelle stuffing her yap with food.Oh Teh Funny,that Michelle,she's such an imp.The most telling part comes when she reads from Cindy's blog,in her "cindy voice".

Is it just me or does this video remind you of a very young teenager,one of the popular kids,making fun of the school nerd or the fat kid?I'm thinking her blog needs a makeover. A theme of some sort. Something befitting the caliber of writing and"thinking"that goes into such an outstanding blog entry.

I bring this up because wingnut women seem to loathe other women,to the point of being pathological. In Michelle's case,she seems to work overtime to garner male approval and yes,even lust. IMO,she doesn't allow comments on her blog and doesn't want HER personal info out there not because she's afraid of some evil liberal doing harm to her(nevermind that she has no qualms about doing it to someone else).I think she's scared of her fanboys showing up at her front door,because she knows precisely what sort of jagoff fantasies they harbor about her. She also knows what they're capable of,she's just hoping they channel that wierd mixture of violence and/or sex towards their "enemies".It's funny that the wingnut women bitch about women who work outside the home(Peggy Noonan for example whines about this often),blaming feminism for the downfall of the American Family,when they themselves spend time not raising a family to forge careers of their own,something that would not be allowed in their vision of America. Wingnut paymasters expect alot of their well compensated servants,there doesn't seem to be alot of vacation time or sleep allowed while meeting those output commitments. That's not very compatible with being a traditional Mom,especially when your kids are young. In Michelle's case the irony goes one step further in that her husband is the stay at home parent and primary caregiver.I for one think that's great,more men should do that if their wives make more money than they do.I know a couple of stay home Dads who do a great job with the kids and all that domestic stuff.It's actually rather,well,Progressive.The irony is staggering,don't you think?

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