Wednesday, August 23, 2006

The business of fear

The NRA does it best. It's long past time for them to be shut down or at least be forced to tone down their rhrtoric:


"Why," you may wonder, "are they publishing this in a hunting magazine." Well, they're doing it for a couple of reasons. First, they're in the middle of waging "Make My Day Law" campaigns to allow you to shoot people who scare you while you're out shopping or taking a walk. These laws have already passed in 10 of our most frightened states and are currently being considered in 13 others.


Some might wonder why the NRA needs to villainize game. They might ask, "aren't logical arguments about managing wildlife enough to justify hunting?" But they miss the point by asking such questions. Wildlife management issues have never motivated anyone to vote. The NRA's base needs to be frightened into voting. They need to feel like their vote is protecting them from an enemy as dangerous as brown people, homosexuals, the media, and sex.


Like I always say, if you need an automatic weapon to kill an unarmed deer or a bear, you're probably a shitty hunter and really shouldn't be out in the woods with a gun to begin with. The right to keep and bear is not under attack in this country, though from reading the NRA literature, it seems the U.N. is in the verge of taking everyone's guns away. It's time for the NRA to be forced to tell the truth in their advertising, just as other corporations must. It's time for some sensible gun laws in this country.

Addendum: We see the results of the antiquated gun laws the NRA supports on the streets of New York. Most of the guns used in crimes in our city, and I'm sure this applies to other cities as well, are brought in via I-95 from Virginia and Florida. I tell ya what, we'll ship all the guys sitting in Rikers, Ossining, and Attica for gun crimes to your bumfuck towns and let you deal with 'em. Let 'em shoot up your streets. How's that?

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