Friday, August 25, 2006

Daily Dave

Today Digby does a smackdown on the bigot:


[Rep. Peter] King has always had a little problem with New Orleans and I think we can guess why. This was, you'll recall, the prevailing view of many critics like King during the crisis last year. The "problem" was all the lawlessness. Mogadishu in America. The natives were running wild. This was later shown to be simply the fevered rumormongering you tend to find in crises where communication is down. But King and the rest of the hankie wringers naturally assumed the mob was taking over despite the fact that there were cameras all over the city and no one captured the crazed marauding beasts doing anything other than liesurely looting a local Wal Mart. Their bedwetting fearmongering did more to delay the response than any other single reason.


This clown needs to go. Support Dave Mejias in NY-03.

Dave for America


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