Thursday, August 24, 2006

VA Senate/Daily Dave

Mimus on the Jim Webb race in Virginia.

Oh, you noticed I'm highlighting races around the country? Good, Election Day is a couple months away and it's time you people know what's going on in your own districts. It's time for you, and I'm not talking about all of us who blog about this stuff all the time but you folks who just pass through here, to get involved. It's time for you to do some work too. It's your duty to vote and you should know about the people who will be representing you in Washington. Especially now during this national, and constitutional, crisis called the Bush administration. This November, we'll be voting to clean their enablers out of Congress and elect a Democratic majority in both houses. Then we can work on getting the Chimp and his minions behind bars, where they belong.

Check out your local or state races. See where your candidates need help and give 'em a hand. If you have some extra scratch, give it to 'em. Stick a sign out front in your yard or in your shop window. Plaster a bumper sticker on your car. Do something. Your children are counting on you. Most of all, vote in November.

And I should combine it with a 'Daily Dave', since I'm talking about local races.

Dave Mejias needs your help to kick Rep. Peter King's Bush-crony ass out of NY-03.

Dave for America



Digby has some incumbent news from Alaska.

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