Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Crossing lines ...

Seems some are saying we're crossing a line here. A phrase Gord coined has some folks agitated.

Novermber. Subpoenas. Trial. Rope.

I say, to those people, you have your heads up your collective ass. Have you been sleeping over the past 6 years? What, with everything the Chimp and the neocons have done to us, and our military, should mitigate their crimes?

And let's face facts, what Bush and his neocon cabal have perptrated are crimes.

- The invasion of Iraq and the subsequent occupation are war crimes, by any measure of international law.

- The deaths of almost 3000 American servicepeople in a conflict initiated by the United States are the equivalent of murder for profit. We won't even get into what we'll call the deaths of tens of thousands of innocent Iraqis.

- The theft of the U.S. Treasury and the squandering of our nation's wealth so Bush's cronies can get rich while plunging us deeper in debt.

- The deaths of a thousand Americans in NOLA, all because The White House decided to ignore the danger.

- The abrogation of our civil rights and the constant attempts to take more away from the general public to further the lie of 'Homeland Security'.

- The fact that on every law the President (I use the term loosely) adds a signing statement saying he's essentially above the law and can choose to follow it or not depending on where whim takes him that day. We fought a revolution to separate ourselves from one King George, we don't need another.

- The surveillance of innocent Americans, tapping their phones, reading their email, without the authority of a warrant.

- The detention of Americans without charge in Guantanamo.

- Where's Osama?

Need I go on?

I'm not advocating storming the White House, dragging them out, and stringing them up on the Mall, but I can see the justification for it. Revolutions have begun for less. I'm advocating arrest and a fair trial (though the Rethugs seem to forget, this is still America), and I'm suggesting punishment. I mean, if I committed all these crimes against humanity and our founding principles, they'd certainly call for the same punishment for me, wouldn't they?

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