Saturday, August 26, 2006

Charlie Brown

I clicked on the link in the left sidebar and all my wishes were fulfilled! Well, not yet, but thanks, Fixer, for making it so easy. Here's some of LtCol. Brown's stuff:

[In difficult times and a dangerous world, America needs proven leaders for whom integrity, duty, honor, courage, and responsibility are not just words---they are words to live by.

That's why (insert name of organization {OK - us'ns}) is proudly supporting Charlie Brown for California's 4th Congressional District. And, that's why ethics challenged Republican incumbent John Doolittle is facing the fight of his political life.

Charlie has dedicated his life to serving our country--as a 26 year Air Force officer, a credentialed teacher, and law enforcement professional. He brings the real life experience with keeping our country safe that is sorely missing from this Republican Congress. And, he'll fight to defend our constitutional rights, eliminate corruption, put our fiscal house in order, protect our environment, invest in education, and improve access to quality, affordable healthcare for all Americans.

Charlie Brown is truly a candidate we can all be proud to support.

John Doolittle is more vulnerable than he's ever been. He's the only member of Congress involved in both the Jack Abramoff and Duke Cunningham corruption scandals, and that's just the tip of the iceberg. Since he can't run on his record, he's going to try and hide behind his right wing fear machine and swift boat character assassins.

Doolittle can run, but he can't hide. Charlie needs our help to fight back!

Visit www.charliebrownforcongress today and make a contribution, sign up to volunteer, or join the mailing list.

Together, we can take back our Congress from corrupt right wing ideologues, and restore a government by and for "we the people." Please go to, or call 1-800-727-6968 to take action today.]

This is a little different than in Fixer's district - Col. Brown's headquarters are a hundred miles away from here, and I don't have any info yet on a local branch. For now, my support is pretty much via this here crystal set.

CA-04 is a long-time conservative district. The Republican monolith is well-entrenched. Col. Brown is almost literally a mouse battling The Elephant. Get enough mice together, though, and we've got a chance.

[Sorry to dick around in your post, Gord, but I wanted to add the link to Charlie's ActBlue page (where folks can donate too) and the map of CA-04 [You got that already, oops] (so you folks can see if you can vote for Charlie in November). - Fixer]

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