Sunday, August 20, 2006

Daily Dave

From Dave Mejias' bio; something that appeals to me greatly:


An active involvement in the Latino community is especially important to Mejias, a first-generation American whose parents met in an English class for adults in Hempstead. His father sought asylum in the United States after being imprisoned in Cuba for anti-Communist, pro-Democracy activism, and his mother migrated to the US, leaving behind economic strife in Ecuador.


My parents came to this nation to make a better life too. They found the American Dream and gave me the foundation to make a good life for myself, with the help of the most wonderful woman in the world of course (who is, by the way, the granddaughter of Russian and Ukrainian immigrants).

We need Dave Mejias in Congress, a guy who's not so far removed from his roots that he takes being an American for granted. My immigrant parents stressed that to me more than anything, how great this country is (because they knew how bad it was in postwar Europe) and how anyone can make it here with hard work. I'm sure Dave's parents did as well.

Do you think Peter King gives a damn about immigrants? Newsday has proof he doesn't. Like we say in NY, 'trow da bum out'.

Help Dave Mejias defeat Peter King in November.

Dave for America


Vote for Dave on Election Day. Do you live in NY-03?

And remember, I'm stopping by Mejias Headquarters tomorrow afternoon. Any quesitions you might have for the candidate? Leave 'em in comments and I'll pass 'em on.

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