Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Dell Battery Recall Update

On August 17 I posted about Dell's 'Flaming Battery' recall. I ordered my replacement that day.

It arrived yesterday. Six days from start to finish. Not bad! It's fully charged and in service as we speak.

It came on a truck via DHL*. In a padded cardboard box. Here's the funny part: the old battery needs to be returned, of course, for proper disposal, via the U.S. Mail in the same cardboard box! Prepaid, of course.

A battery capable of burning down a Ford pickup. In a cardboard box. In the gentle hands of postal employees from California to Tennessee.

There are millions of these batteries out there, folks. Look for an upturn in the number of burnt-down post offices and postal trucks. Ha!

*The package was placed in my hands by a lovely young blond lady with cornrows who gave treats to my pups.

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