Thursday, September 23, 2004

Bikers Sound Off

Members of Reno-area motorcycle clubs consider themselves patriotic Americans. That's why they're infuriated by laws that lump them with gangs and terrorists

Turns out these guys need to care--because many feel the freedoms they value are under attack. Invasive laws like the USA PATRIOT Act have turned these motorcycle enthusiasts into activists

"This is like the Elks, the Lions, the Optimists. It's a fraternity, a group of guys who share common interests in motorcycles and individual freedom

Yeah, right.

After Street Vibrations in 1999, the Hells Angels filed a lawsuit against law enforcement agencies for, among other things, installing a surveillance camera on a power pole outside the clubhouse.

The Mongols are the elephant in the living room that no one talks about. A Web site attests to chapters in Reno, Sparks, Carson City and Lake Tahoe but includes no contact info. They aren't in the Confederation of Clubs. No number is listed in the phone book

"Heathens!" he says. "We're all fuckin' heathens!"

This is a long article. Read it at the Reno News and Review. It's Reno's alternative weekly.

Are you back yet? Motorcyclists have been second-class citizens for as long as I can remember. This shit is nothing new, but it pops up like this every now and again. Trust me, some of these people are not exactly as pure as the driven snow. Regular folks, most of 'em, 'tho.

One of Reno's biggest events is "Street Vibrations", which draws thousands of Harley-Davidson riders, and others, from all over the country. The cops treat them OK because they're told to by the Casinos and the Chamber of Commerce.

If you're a local, you get screwed. The Patriot Act is a damn good tool for people who are going to abuse your rights anyway.

Micasa Too is one of the best Mexican restaurants anywhere. Their prices went up a little while back. For scooter trash, these guys are pretty well-heeled.

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