Friday, September 24, 2004

The Hell With Laws, Let's Pass Penalties

Go read this column by Jon Carroll of the San Francisco Chronicle. I recommend reading the whole thing, but this is the gist of it:

In this spirit of openness to new ideas, in this sprit of what I suppose we must call vigorous debate, I would like to make the following proposal:

The death penalty for Republican senators.

Now, being a Republican senator is not a crime. I understand that. Further, it is unlikely that a Republican legislature would pass a law making wanton Republicanness a felony. But I want Americans to know where I stand. If we could strap a few Republican senators to Old Sparky, think what a deterrent it would be to the rest of them.

Is it important that Republican senators get the death penalty? Perhaps not. But it is important to sow fear and discord among the people, so they will be placid and suggestible. I am doing my duty under the Patriot Act. I call on all Republican senators to turn themselves in and surrender their votes.

I heartily concur.

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