Wednesday, September 22, 2004

OK, I Pissed 'Em Off - Now Go Get 'Em!

This by Noam Scheiber of New Republic Online:


Others have commented on Bob Novak's huge, but hardly surprising, scoop--that the administration plans to withdraw from Iraq shortly after the presidential election. But my favorite part of the column is this paragraph:

Getting out now would not end expensive U.S. reconstruction of Iraq, and certainly would not stop the fighting. Without U.S. troops, the civil war cited as the worst-case outcome by the recently leaked National Intelligence Estimate would be a reality. It would then take a resolute president to stand aside while Iraqis battle it out.

It's amazing how quickly conservatives are defining "resolution" down. Up until now, a resolute president meant one who stayed the course in Iraq. Now it's a president who abandons Iraq and resists the temptation to intervene again! And the truly sick thing is, Bush will probably believe he's being "resolute" if he's given the opportunity to "stand aside while the Iraqis battle it out."

If you want to read the Douchebag For Liberty's column in the Windy City Fish Wrap, go ahead, it's your time. I'd rather just watch my wife yell at him on "Crossfire".

Josh Marshall has more to say about this in his Talking Points Memo.

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