Sunday, September 19, 2004


How silly of me that it took until now to see the light. Yeesh! From Sadly No!:

Holly Crap!

Sometimes even reading something isn't sufficient to convince you that it's true. This is one of those times:

In the lobby, Holly (for Holland) Coors, the thin, blond doyenne of the Colorado beer outfit, had just returned from Madison Square Garden [...]

"It's [President Bush's] faith," Mrs. Coors said. "It breaks my heart to hear him criticized. They hated our Lord, too." [Emphasis added.]

Just in case anyone needed a reason not to drink Coors anymore. (Yes, Blair sent us the link.)

It's gotta be that thin air up in the Rockies. Either that or the water. Never touch the stuff myself. Fish fuck in water.

Fixer Rule: If it ain't got alcohol, fizz, flavor, or color, I stay away from it.

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