Wednesday, September 22, 2004

A Bush grows on the East Side

I'll try and find a transcript of President Nitwit's speech to the U.N. when I get home from work, but the thing that got me was how he basically demanded the member nations' help.

Now, I know Europeans, lived there in the summers growing up. You don't diss them, treat them like assholes, and then demand their help, 'cause you ain't getting shit. And at the U.N., as Europe goes, so do the rest of the members.

It would be nice to have a President who respects other nations and knows the meaning of the word 'diplomacy'. Imagine what we could do with world opinion on our side. Some Brits expressed this to me while I was in London. Most were highly offended that Bush used the 'special relationship' we have with the U.K. to perpetuate this 'Iraq folly'. Yes, on 9/12/2001, everybody was an American. Now, three years later, everybody hates an American.

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