Saturday, September 25, 2004

Fox News, The Voter Fraud Police.....Not!

Got this one from IPA in Derelection 2004 on Cursor.

Juliana Zucarro

Zuccaro is a student at the University of Arizona and a member of the Network of Feminist Student Activists, which runs student voter registration drives. She said today: "We were registering students when we were interviewed by Fox News reporter Natalie Tejeda, who claimed that we were committing 'unintentional felony' by registering out-of-state students. She cited Pima County Voter Registrar Chris Roads, a Republican, who said that out-of-state students are committing a felony if they register to vote in Arizona and they don't intend on remaining in the state 'indefinitely.' The report was broadcast with those statements. It felt like a blatant attempt at intimidation, an attempt to scare students away from exercising their constitutional rights."

She added: "While Pima County Recorder Ann Rodriguez later issued a clarification that students can register in Arizona, we feel that the damage has been done, especially since Rodriguez did not retract her deputy Roads' statement. Meanwhile, Chris Roads continues to sow seeds of confusion and possible intimidation with statements such as that future systemized voter databases across the country would help 'catch those who have illegally voted' and that 'while a person may not be caught this month or this year, the chances of getting caught in the future are pretty significant.' In other words, he's trying to make students believe that if they vote while living in Arizona and move away anytime in the future, they will have committed a felony. We've been trying to inform students of their rights but I'm afraid this environment is already making many students scared to cast their vote."

So Faux News and the Pima County Voter Registrar are part of the wave of voter intimidation going on in this country? It doesn't surprise me even a little bit. These Reps are desperate and will do anything to keep that twerp in the White House, legal or not.

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