Sunday, September 19, 2004

Well torque my sphincter

Democratic Veteran has this:

When the Neocons so disgracefully let Gen. Shinseki go off to what they assumed was an ignominious retirement right before their anticipated glory-covered march into Iraq and the hearts of all Iraqis (except the evil man and his evil troll-like henchmen), little did they know that he was a four-star general and a leader fo some reason or another. I guess they thought the Army just naturally promoted knotheads for no reason to the top spot.

Now, out of South Carolina comes a story that's being given the best possible spin by a someone in the National Guard chain of command. But despite the comments by the Battalion Commander and his top enlisted man, I don't think that morale and readiness are at their don't lock down and punish soldiers who are ready behaving themselves. Unless of course you're Captain Queeg.

[. . .]

You gotta read the whole thing.

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