Wednesday, September 22, 2004

Every kid left behind

Jezebel, blogging at Jesus' General on Rod Paige, our Secretary of Education who helped destroy Houston's school system and is now doing his worst with yours and mine:

Rod Paige, Minister of Indoctrination, has taken some heat for calling unionized teachers "terrorists." Once again, Minister Page was proven right.

Two teachers from Harding Middle School, in Cedar Rapids, IA, were placed under arrest for sedition earlier this month. An eyewitness who admits sympathy for the disloyalists claimed they were "standing peacefully near the park." Yet Barbara Hannon goes on to admit they were provocative by wearing fealty medallions of The Pretender while less than 10,000 feet from a rally for Our Leader. Local law enforcement appropriately told them that because of the buttons they were "not allowed to be anywhere."

The soon-to-be-outlawed Demoncrat Party had the gall to post bail for the two teachers. Party Chair Joel Miller proclaimed his communist sympathies by condemning private ownership and capitalism: "So much of the area is private property there is no room for protesters to stand. They have to keep moving away from the rally." Police followed standard procedures in informing traitors that loitering (that is, wearing Kerry-Edwards buttons anywhere) would result in arrest.

For those not familiar with the General, and you Republicans, this is satire. If I have to explain satire . . . forget it.

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