Wednesday, September 22, 2004


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  • Before September 11, bin Laden indicated that he was planning an attack on the United States.

  • In August and September, bin Laden operatives around the world were warned to return to Afghanistan by September 10.

  • So, the State Department itself was telling us, less than a month after 9/11, that they had avance warning of a major attack planned immediately after 9/10, and that they knew Al Qaeda was active in many countries but Iraq was not among them. In fact, they had extensive evidence of Al Qaeda activities, and none of it pointed to Iraq or Iraqi terrorist groups - a fact that they openly advertised on a public Web site almost a month after Bush and Rumsfeld had decided to invade Iraq in response to 9/11.

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    From Kevin T. Keith at Lean Left. If you wanna get really pissed off, go read it.

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