Sunday, September 19, 2004

Follow up

Via skippy the bush kangaroo. Remember the woman who'd lost her son in Iraq and got arrested for interrupting Laura's speech?

Well, some good news:

TRENTON, N.J. -- Police have dropped charges against a Hopewell woman who was arrested when she interrupted a campaign speech by first lady Laura Bush to ask why her son was killed in Iraq.

Sue Sapir-Niederer had refused to leave the Thursday rally at a Hamilton fire house and was eventually escorted from the site. Sapir-Niederer wore a T-shirt that bore the words "President Bush You Killed My Son" and a picture of her son, Army 1st Lt. Seth Dvorin.

[. . .]

[Mercer County Prosecutor Joseph L. Bocchini Jr.] "It is our determination that the police officers had more than enough probable cause to arrest Ms. Sapir-Niederer and were justified in the their actions," said Bocchini. "Taking all factors into consideration, including the recent loss of her son while serving in the armed forces in Iraq, I believe that the continued prosecution of the this matter would serve no useful purpose."

[. . .]


Well, at least the DA had some sense. Must be a Democrat. A Republican would have charged her with a capital crime.

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