Friday, September 24, 2004

Yeah, I don't get it either

Via Skippy. John Emerson at Seeing The Forest:

[. . .]

This is appalling. Apparently the "grownup conservatives" and "moderate Republicans" value their party above their own integrity or the fate of the nation. They might criticize their miserable failure of a President, but they will not oppose him politically. Some even say that the Iraq War "should not be politicized", but that's actually what elections are for: getting the bad leaders out of office. (And of course, the ones who are being "political" here are the Republicans who support Bush even though they understand how wretched his performance has been.)

[. . .]

Aren't our elected representatives supposed to be looking out for the public good? If the moderates aren't wavering, what does that say about the power of the Bush machine? Do they know something the rest of us don't? Do they know the outcome is a surefire win in the 'R' column? I'm thinking Diebold and the other voting machine makers. Yes, my tinfoil hat is on, but in the past, you ususally could count on someone to grow a set of testicles by now. What about Olympia Snowe and Sue Collins? I can't believe they're all right with this administration and their Jesus freak, bible-thumper base.

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